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As a security guard can you for work for two companies at once? Absolutely, as a licensed security guard in Ontario you can work for any licensed security company and any employer that hires their own security personnel in Ontario. There is a list of licensed security companies maintained by Service Ontario. Keep in mind, by working for multiple security companies at once, you reduce commitment to each company, reducing the opportunity for promotion and better-paying sites. However there are benefits of working for two or more security companies at once.

Benefits of Working for Two Companies at Once as a Security Guard

When you first start working as a security guard you may only get part time hours or casual shifts. By working for two or more companies at once, you will be able to make more income. You can also increase variety of work. For example you might work 2 days at a condo and 2 days at an event This can give you more security experience instead of having the same type of work each day. The added experience can help with interviews for a career in law enforcement such as becoming a special constable.

Challenges of Working for Two Companies at Once as a Security Guard

While many employers will not have an issue with you working for more than one security company, there are some employers that ask you not to do so. It can also be challenging for the security companies you work for to schedule you for shifts. One security company does not have access to your schedule at another. It is up to you to tell them your availability. The reduced commitment to each company may also result in a lower chance for promotion into management and higher wages.

Become a Licensed Security Guard in Ontario

To become a licensed security guard in Ontario and work for a security company or an employer, you must obtain your security guard license. We offer online security guard training with no time limits on completing the course. Check out our post on the 3 steps to getting your security guard licence. Start our online security guard training by registering for an account on our website. We can also answer any of your questions on working as a security guard.

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