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A driver’s license is not required to be a security guard. There are many static and fixed posts where security guards perform foot patrols and do not require a vehicle. Some employers may prioritize those with a driver’s licence. If you can drive to work, it will provide assurance that you will be on site at the start of your shift. Not all sites can be accessed by public transit. There may either be no stops near by or no service when your shift starts. Keep in mind some sites may have an early start such as 5 or 6 am or late finish 11 pm or midnight. For those that do not have a driver’s licence but have a friend or family member that can drop them off, let the employer know. On the job application you may see a question such as: Do you have a reliable access to a vehicle? You do not need a driver’s licence to answer yes.

What Security Guard Jobs are Available for those with a Driver’s Licence?

If you have a driver’s licence you will definitely have more opportunities. You could drive a marked security vehicle and respond to alarms at multiple sites. You could also act as backup when a guard at a static site needs assistance. As a mobile security guard you may assist in transporting guards and fill in for other guards in the city when someone is unable to show up. At larger sites, patrols are performed in a vehicle for example, at college campuses, malls and large warehouses.

Some shifts take place outdoors with no shelter, for example some construction sites. A vehicle acts as shelter during your shift. You can observe and report from either your own vehicle or a company vehicle if one is provided.

Construction site at night

To get your security licence in Ontario whether you have a driver’s licence or not, you will first need to complete the online security guard training. The course is based on the 40 hour curriculum set by the Ministry. Start your online training by creating an account on our website. We will help you get job ready for both mobile and static security guard positions. Our training is more than reading just pages and pages of information.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario to get your Training Completion Number

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