Security guard training on patrol

Security guard training is mandatory in Ontario to obtain your security guard licence. It involves a 40 hour course and includes 12 sections as listed in the Ministry’s training syllabus. This includes in-person Emergency First Aid and CPR training allowing security guards to respond to basic medical emergencies. For security guards who carry batons and handcuffs, additional use of force and defensive tactics training will be provided by the security company that hires you. For armed guards, you will need to obtain a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) which involves both a practical and written test and training.

Unlike police officers and peace officers, there is no physical fitness training requirement for security guards or a physical test. However, there is a knowledge test involving 60 multiple choice questions you will need to pass after completing the security guard training.

Ontario Security Hub is a Ministry approved security guard training entity and offers online security guard training beyond just reading pages and pages of information. Our training includes video lessons, quizzes and real word scenarios. You can start your security guard training by making an account on our website. Start your online security guard training today.

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