Starting February 18, 2024, a separate criminal record and judicial matters check (CRJMC) will be required to get a security guard licence in Ontario. It can not be the Standard Criminal Record check or Vulnerable Sector Check, it must be the CRJMC which includes outstanding charges, warrants and judicial orders. This check was previously included as part of the licence application. The CRJMC must be received through a local police service. The Ministry does not accept third party providers. If you would like to know the cost and processing times for the criminal record checks see the list below. Please note the list is current as of posting but prices and processing times may change. Most police agencies offer the criminal record check online. You can apply for your police check up to 6 months before submitting your security licence application.

Select Employment when you are applying for your police check. If it asks for an organization you can put Private Security and Investigative Services Branch. The criminal record check does not have to be completed before writing your Ministry test to get your security licence. It can be completed after. However, we would recommend applying for your police check as soon as possible.

We would recommend completing the CRJMC online whenever possible to receive a digital copy of your results so you can upload it directly to Service Ontario’s website when applying for your licence. If you receive a physical copy you will need to mail your licence application to Service Ontario which would take longer to process.

Ontario Security Hub is a licenced security agency and provides the mandatory security guard training to get your licence. We are not able to provide criminal record checks but can answer any questions you have regarding the requirements. If you are looking to get your security licence, you will need to complete our online 40 hour training to receive your Training Completion Number.

Police ServicePriceEstimated Processing TimeWebsite for Criminal Record Check
Toronto Police$26.727-10 business days
Ottawa Police$717-10 business days
York Regional Police$712-5 business days
Brantford Police$65.1914 Days
Thunder Bay Police$60
Niagara Regional Police$59.956 weeks
Durham Regional Police$57.753 weeks
Windsor Police$55
Barrie Police$53.29Up to 3 weeks
Sarnia Police$51.9514 business days
Hamilton Police$5014 Days
Owen Sound Police$50
Chatham-Kent Police$49.9510 business days
Sault St. Marie Police$49.952 weeks
London Police$452 weeks
Guelph Police$452-3 weeks
Peterborough Police$45
Greater Sudbury Police$42.00
North Bay Police$41.855 weeks
Ontario Provincial Police$412-3 weeks
Only for OPP policed communities not major cities in the Greater Toronto Area
Waterloo Regional Police$407-10 business days
Kingston Police$40.00Several weeks
Peel Regional Police$35Up to 5 weeks
Halton Regional Police$3030 days

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario.

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Paul Gibbons

In Edmonton, Alberta a person can get a police record check done, same day service, for the same price. Why is this service so terrible in Ontario?

Paul Gibbons

The Edmonton police service do full police checks in 15 minutes. Why can’t Ontario police services do the same thing? You get the results immediately. It seems like Ontario is not serious about helping people get work.


My CRJMC file is password protected, before I upload the file to submit my application, should I modify the file so it is no longer password protected or does it not matter?


What type of crjm we have to apply for security guard license?


I just want to know, I changed the address now, I want a renew my security license and now i need to check the CRJMC, before i lived under the Durham reginal police and now Peel region, what should i do? Which region i can apply for CRJMC?


Hi there ,
First thank you for your help .
You mentioned that this ministry is not accepting third party provide .
I did the application through the link on this website by the opp police ( live here ) but it says that the provider is third party.
And It’s also on the official website of the OPP
Is that ok ?


Oh man, my training institute recommended me third party check and i just bought it before watching your video, so now they will not accept that , should i stop now and wait for Online response from Toronto police ( they are delaying the process its been nearly 20 days its still pending). Please dont get third party


hello, i actually want to know that can i get my crjmc to apply for security guard license because i have just arrived here as an international student..please reply