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Service Ontario processes the security guard license applications for the Ministry.

According to Private Security and Investigative Services Act a security guard is a person who performs work, for remuneration, that consists primarily of guarding or patrolling for the purpose of protecting persons or property. This means anytime you work as a security guard and are paid for your work, you must have a security guard license.

Mandatory Requirements to get a Security Guard License in Ontario

Every province has their own requirements for obtaining a security guard license. In Ontario here are the mandatory requirements:

(a) the person possesses a clean criminal record; and

(b) in the case of an individual,

(i) the person is 18 years old or older,

(ii) the person is entitled to work in Canada, and

(iii) the person has successfully completed all prescribed training and testing.

A clean criminal record does not mean you have no criminal offences. It means you do not have a conviction in this list of criminal offences.

The security guard license contains your name, photo, expiry date and license number.

Security Guard License Expiry

In Ontario, your security guard license expires every second birthday and it must be renewed for you to continue working. You are not required to complete the training and testing again. You would just need to make payment for the license fee to ensure you still have a clean criminal record.

Security Guard License Requirements

As a security guard you must carry your security guard license on you while on duty. You must also show your license if asked by anyone.

Security Guard Training

To obtain your security guard license you must complete training from a Ministry approved training provider. Ontario Security Hub offers online security guard training. Start your security guard training with us. Once you complete the training, we recommend applying for your security license online instead of mailing it in for the fastest response. If you have any questions on obtaining your security guard license, make sure to contact us on live chat or by email.

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