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According to the Government of Canada, the NOC skill level for security guards is NOC-C. However, a security guard supervisor is listed as NOC-B. Here is the full list of example titles under the 6316 – Other services supervisors group:

  • Campground supervisor
  • Clubhouse attendants supervisor
  • Commissionaire supervisor
  • Dry cleaning production supervisor
  • Dry cleaning supervisor
  • Foreman/woman – laundry and dry cleaning
  • Laundry supervisor
  • Parking lot supervisor
  • Security guard supervisor
  • Ski lift attendant supervisor
  • Theatre attendant supervisor
  • Ticket taker supervisor

Become a security guard and then work your way towards a security supervisor position. Becoming a security supervisor may help you get your PR status.

In 2021, a new NOC system was released. Other services supervisors, which includes security guard supervisor, is level 2 under the TEER classification.

We are an Ontario Ministry approved security guard training entity and have assisted numerous individuals new to Canada. Start our online security guard training and work towards your PR status. We are not an immigration consultant and can only answer questions regarding the security guard training and licensing process in Ontario. For questions on immigration contact a ICCRC regulated consultant.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario

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Mohamma Shahid

Hello my name is Shahid I live in Dubai i have been working security job in Dubai for two years how can i bring security job in Canada

Rhen Leyson

Hi, im a police officer here in the Philippines for 15 years in service with a lot of experience in law enforcement and police operation criminality and insurgency, and an investigator as well, I like to work in Canada for security job