In this blog post, we aim to debunk some of the most common misconceptions surrounding the security industry in Canada. Whether you’re considering a career in security or simply curious about the field, it’s crucial to understand the realities behind these misconceptions. So, let’s take a look and shed light on five prevalent misconceptions and provide a more accurate understanding of what it means to work in the security industry within Canada.

Misconception #1: Security is Just Standing Around

Contrary to popular belief, security work entails much more than standing in one spot especially in the Canadian security industry. Security Guards undergo extensive training to handle a variety of situations, including emergencies, conflict resolution, and asset protection. From monitoring surveillance systems to conducting patrols, security guards are proactive in maintaining safety and security for their clients. Security Guards within Canada are usually required to do patrols even if your position is to monitor CCTV camera footage. Completing regular patrols will ensure you as a guard do not miss anything that could harm or affect your clients property or personnel. Doing regular patrols and staying vigilant while on those patrols will insure your clients property and personnel is safe guarded to the highest degree. Again, our role as Security Guards is to ensure safe keeping of property and to remain on our feet and vigilant of our surroundings.

Misconception #2: Anyone Can Be a Security Guard

While certain basic requirements must be met to become a security guard in Canada, such as completing Ministry licenced training, WSIB-approved First-aid and CPR training and obtaining a Security Guard licence. Becoming a licenced Security Guard in Canada does demand a specific skill set. Some skills you should have are effective communication, problem-solving abilities, and most importantly, the ability to remain calm under pressure. These skills are essential qualities for a successful security guard working within Canada. Additionally, diversity in backgrounds and experiences enriches the security workforce. We will talk more about diversity in the coming misconceptions. Just keep in mind that diversity only makes a security team stronger!

Misconception #3: Security Guards Have Limited Career Growth

Another common myth is that security is a dead-end job with limited opportunities for advancement. In reality, the security industry offers a wide range of career paths. Beyond entry-level positions, security professionals can progress to supervisory roles, management positions, and specialize in areas such as risk management, and emergency response. The Canadian security industry in particular has a great model of hiring from within, promoting their Security Guards into higher level positions when they are ready to take on the task. Security Guard Companies within Canada tend to hire supervisor or management positions from within their current pool of Security Guards. This is essential since supervisors and management understand what their Security Guards go through on a daily basis which makes communication a lot more efficient and effective. Moreover, ongoing training and professional development opportunities are readily available to support career growth within the Canadian security industry. Becoming a licenced Security Guard could also lead to positions in a more advanced role within the law enforcement industry within Canada.

Misconception #4: Security is a Male-Dominated Field

Contrary to the stereotype of security being a male-dominated field, women play significant roles in Canada’s security industry. From front-line security officers to corporate security managers, women contribute their skills, expertise, and leadership to ensure safety and security in various sectors. Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, many organizations actively promote gender equality and support women’s advancement in security careers. Again, diversity is key within the Security industry. For example, if you are a Security Guard at an airport or hospital and have to search a female, having a female Security Guard complete the search will allow for a more pleasant experience for the female being searched. This allows for both parties to complete the required search in a more respectful open manner without issues regarding gender interfering with the search process. Furthermore, having a diversity of gender and backgrounds within the security industry allows for fresh and new ideas to emerge on how to properly solve a situation or complete a daunting task.

Misconception #5: Security Guards Must Meet Strict Height and Weight Requirements

It’s a common misconception that security guards must fit specific height and weight criteria to qualify for the job. In reality, security agencies prioritize qualities such as problem solving abilities, remaining calm under pressure, and overall health over arbitrary height and weight standards. While physical fitness is important for performing duties effectively, having a diverse body type and size is more important in the Canadian security industry. Diverse Security Guards can and will excel within the industry as long as they stay vigilant and on point during patrols with the qualities we highlighted above. This is highlighted by the Canadian security industry not requiring a fitness test to become a Licensed Security Guard in Canada. Unlike becoming a Police Officer which must go through a rigorous fitness test, Security Guard in Canada do not have to undergo a physical fitness test. So, if you were wondering if a physical fitness test is required to become a Security Guard in Canada, the short answer is “no”. The Canadian security industry is about diversity first rather than who is the most physically fit Security Guard they can hire. Emphasizing mental health and wellness ensures that security professionals are prepared to handle the demands of the job, whether it’s patrolling premises or responding to emergencies.


These five misconceptions highlight some of the prevailing myths surrounding Canada’s security industry. By addressing and debunking these misconceptions, we hope to provide a more accurate understanding of what it truly means to work in the security industry within Canada. Remember, the security profession offers diverse opportunities for growth, regardless of gender or physical attributes. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and continue to pursue your career goals with confidence.Want to become a Licensed Security Guard in Ontario? Start your online training today by making an account on our website if you are currently eligible to work in Canada. We are a licenced security guard training organization in Ontario. You can confirm on the Ministry’s website directly.

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