A security guard checking vehicles in a parking lot.

Becoming a security guard is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. The diverse nature of security roles demands individuals with specific qualities and attributes. This blog aims to help potential security guards assess their suitability for the role and determine the type of site that aligns with their strengths.

1. Understand the Range of Responsibilities:

Security guards can find themselves in a variety of roles, each with distinct responsibilities. Before pursuing a career in security, individuals should familiarize themselves with the diverse tasks associated with the field. A fire watch guard may have limited interactions, while a mall security guard deals with a wide array of people. Understanding these differences is crucial in making an informed decision. Explore types of Security Guard Positions here.

2. Evaluate Personal Traits:

Certain personality traits are well-suited for a security guard role. Individuals considering this profession should possess qualities such as vigilance, integrity, and strong communication skills. People will look to security guards for direction and assistance, making it essential for individuals to be approachable, calm under pressure, and capable of making quick decisions. Check-out this blog post on Getting Hired As a Security Guard & Enhancing Your Employability here.

3. Consider the Work Environment:

Different sites offer distinct challenges and opportunities. Commercial, residential, construction, corporate, industrial, and event sites all require unique skill sets. Reflect on personal preferences and strengths to determine the most suitable work environment. Those who prefer a dynamic atmosphere may find events security appealing, while individuals who thrive in more structured environments may excel in corporate security.

4. Assess Physical and Mental Capabilities:

Security guards often need to be physically capable, especially those working in roles that involve patrolling or handling emergencies. Additionally, mental resilience is crucial for dealing with challenging situations calmly. Candidates should assess their own physical and mental fitness to ensure they can meet the demands of the chosen security role.

5. Investigate the Security Company:

Before diving into the security field, it’s essential to research potential employers. Factors such as company reputation, work culture, and employee satisfaction play a significant role in job satisfaction. Find a detailed guide on Choosing The Right Security Guard Company here.


Becoming a security guard requires careful consideration of personal traits, preferences, and the nature of the role. By asking the right questions and conducting thorough self-assessment, individuals can make informed decisions about whether a career in security is suitable for them. To read about other skills we find in successful security guards, visit this page.

and which type of site aligns with their strengths. The role of a security guard is diverse, and finding the right fit ensures a fulfilling and successful career in this crucial field.

How Can I Become a Security Guard?

Most aspiring guards reading this blog post will be able to achieve their goals and become a licensed security guard since prior experience is not required by the Ministry. If you’re an aspiring guard and would like direction or information regarding the security guard license or course you can enroll on our website or contact us here. Ontario Security Hub is a licenced security agency that not only gets you licensed but gets you ready for your future career in the field. Start your training right away by enrolling here.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario.

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