An aspiring security guard studying for his Ministry Exam
An aspiring security guard studying for his Ministry Exam

Becoming a security guard may feel daunting at first. After all, working in the security field can be hazardous and high intensity. Fortunately, to become a security guard in Ontario you will be required to go through our Security Guard Training Course that follows the Ministry curriculum and will prepare you for the career you’re about to enter. Since you will go through training prior to licensing the Ministry will not require aspiring guards to have experience within the security or law enforcement field. This opens up the door for many to make a career change or start a new career in security. However, the Ontario Ministry outlines key prerequisites to have before applying for your security guard license. There are three prerequisites that the Ministry expects aspiring guards to possess. The three prerequisites you need to become a security guard are:

If you possess these three requirements you will be able to begin your journey towards a career in security. Now you’re probably wondering what kind of experience is needed to receive a job as a security guard. In the topic below we will discuss the requirements to receive a job in the security field.

Do I need experience to get a Job in Security?

Now that you know you can receive your security guard license without experience you’re probably thinking about your future job search within the field. Luckily, not all jobs within the security field require experience. Experience required will vary depending on the sector and type of position you choose to work in as a security guard. Jobs within the security field are numerous and diverse. This means there are jobs for every level of experience, even for those who have never been in a field like security before. From entry to intermediate level jobs the security industry will have something for everyone. Some examples of entry level security jobs would be Event Security, Retail Loss Prevention, and Hotel or Apartment Security.

Most security guard companies welcome newcomers to the industry with pre-deployment training. Pre-deployment training can consist of many different styles of training. For example companies can offer in-class, online, and on job training styles. Depending on your position you may need just one style or all three. However, most security guard positions will require on job training to be completed. This is great to hear, especially for newcomers to the industry since you will be able to work right next to an experienced security guard that will help guide you through your daily duties and/or tasks. Extra training is always a plus and security companies will always make sure their guards are comfortable and properly trained before sending them to the field. So, experience is not always required since you will be properly trained before you start working as a security guard. If you are on the hunt for a job in security or just curious about jobs in your area, Canada’s Job Bank is a great government site to research potential employers and employment opportunities in your surrounding area.

How Can I Become a Security Guard?

Most aspiring guards reading this blog post will be able to achieve their goals and become a licensed security guard since prior experience is not required by the Ministry. If you’re an aspiring guard and would like direction or information regarding the security guard license or course you can enroll on our website or contact us here. Ontario Security Hub is a licenced security agency that not only gets you licensed but gets you ready for your future career in the field. Start your training right away by enrolling here.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario.

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