Night shift alone on the street
Working alone and at night is riskier than working during the day with a team of guards

While some sites that security guards work at are more dangerous than others, the main role of a security guard is to observe, deter, record and report. The level of risk depends on the location and environment the security guard works at. For example, at a night club or bar you will have intoxicated guests and fights to respond to. At offices and condominiums, you will mostly interact with tenants and guest of the property. At any site you work at, there can always be trespassers. As someone in uniform, you are more visible. You may receive hate verbally from those against people in positions of authority due to past experiences. Working alone and at night also increases your risk level. At larger sites, especially ones open to the public, there will usually be a team of guards. During your patrol you are always in contact with the dispatcher and can call for backup from other guards and the police if needed.

As a security guard, you can increase the potential for confrontation by the way you interact with individuals. If you are aggressive or tend to show off your authority, some people will definitely push back. It can even escalate to physical confrontation. In our online security guard training we introduce concepts for deescalating situations.

Security guards that work at higher risk sites would usually be provided a tactical vest, baton and handcuffs. You will also be trained in defensive tactics by your employer. For those protecting cash or jewellery, you would be armed. To be an armed guard, you must obtain a PAL licence. All security guards in Ontario must complete the 40 hour course before they can obtain their licence. Ontario Security Hub is a licenced security agency and delivers the online course that follows the Ministry curriculum. Our course includes video lessons, real world scenarios and quizzes beyond just reading pages and pages of information. Start your online training by making an account on our website.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario.

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