Online security guard test
Online security guard test

Everyone who wishes to obtain their security guard licence in Ontario has to pass their Ministry test. The multiple choice security guard test has a combination of scenarios, basic terminology and general questions on Federal and Provincial laws. The test covers concepts covered in the 40 hour security guard course as well as general knowledge you may already know before enrolling.

Compared to the police and law enforcement, Security is more proactive than reactive. The four main roles of Security is to observe, deter, record and report. The scenarios in the security guard test ensure you understand that you are not the police. Here are a few sample test questions the Ministry has provided.

The test can be completed either online through Zoom or in-person at certain DriveTest locations.

Before you book your Ministry test, you must have a Training Completion Number which you would receive after completing a security guard training course that follows the Ministry required curriculum. Ontario Security Hub is a licenced security agency and delivers the online security guard training that follows the Ministry curriculum. Get started by making an account on our website here.

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