In order to book the Ministry test to get your security guard license in Ontario, you will need a Training Completion Number or TCN. Here are the steps to get your Training Completion Number or TCN:

  1. Complete the 40 hour training from a Ministry approved security guard training agency. Ontario Security Hub is approved by the Ministry and offers the security guard course entirely online. Unlike other providers we do not set any time limits for the course and you can access it at any time.
  2. Complete the required first aid and CPR training from a WSIB approved provider. Examples include St. John’s Ambulance and Red Cross partners. Ontario Security Hub has first aid and CPR included in cities across Ontario. For the full list of locations see our home page.
  3. The training entity will issue your Training Completion Number after they receive a copy of your first aid certificate and consent form which will be provided when you enroll in the course. First aid training requires a practical component. Online only first aid trainers such as HealthSaver or ProTrainings are not approved by the WSIB. We aim to issue all Training Completion Numbers within 24 hours of course completion. Other training entities it may take a few days and in some cases even weeks to receive your TCN after completing the course.

To start your online security guard training and obtain your Training Completion Number (TCN) from us, create an account on our website. Our training contains video lessons, quizzes and practice tests to get you job ready and pass your Ministry test. You will be on your way to getting your security license and becoming a security guard in Ontario.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario to get your Training Completion Number

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Shahzada Khan

Can I get TCN with my first aid & CPR-C certificate? Or I have to attend online security guard training course? Thanks


Can I get my TCN online

Azharuddin Bashiruddin

I completed security guard course & First Aid course, How can I get TCN training completion number

Jasmeen kaur

Hi, i have my cpr and first aid certificate, but i need my tcn, where shall i get it from and how ?

Jess D

Hi, I completed my security training course with an accepted Agency, I received my certificate but not my TCN? Does it take longer for that to come in?


Hey there
I cannot find my email with tcn number. Can I still recover my tcn ?