The Ontario security guard test is 60 multiple choice (MCQ) questions and you will need 62% to pass. The training entity that issued your Training Completion Number will usually provide a practice test as part of the course. The Ministry also provides a study guide which you can access. Here are a few practice test questions the Ministry has provided:

Mock Practice Test Questions

1. Which of the following fuels are associated with a Class B fire?

a. Wood, paper, cloth

b. Gasoline, oil, grease

c. Metal, paper, cloth

d. Wood, paper, electrical equipment

2. Which of the following equipment would a security guard who is on vehicle patrol most likely use to communicate with a dispatcher?

a. Facsimile Machine

b. Alarm System

c. Two-way radio

d. Cell phone

3. Which Regulation under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005, sets out what data a licensed business entity shall keep?

a. Information to be Provided to the Registrar

b. Insurance

c. Recordkeeping Requirements for Licensed Business Entities

d. Registration Requirements for Business Entities

4. Which of the following are considered access control points?

a. Door, turnstile, parking gate

b. Window, door, stairs

c. Sidewalk, pathway, lane

d. Room, garage, lobby

5. A security guard is on patrol and encounters an individual who has injured himself. The individual refuses help from the security guard although the security guard advises the individual that he/she is trained in first aid. What should the security guard do?

a. Demand that the individual let the security guard perform first aid on him/her.

b. Ask a passer by to assist the individual instead.

c. Call for help and wait until the ambulance/medical help arrives.

d. Call for help and leave the individual alone.

6. Which of the following documents would be used by an employer/property owner to set out the tasks, actions and/or policies and procedures for a security guard while performing his/her duties?

a. Post or Standing Orders

b. Legal Agreements

c. Daily Reports

d. Company Directory

Answers To Mock Practice Test Questions

  1. B
  2. C
  3. C
  4. A
  5. C
  6. A

For more information on how hard the security guard test is see our post. If you have not yet completed the security guard training, you will need to complete it before you can write the Ministry test. Ontario Security Hub is a Ministry licensed security agency and we offer online security guard training that is more than reading pages and pages of information. We offer over 110 quiz questions plus practice tests to those who enroll in our training. For those that do not already have their Training Completion Number, start your online training with us by creating an account on our website.

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