In order to get a training completion number or TCN, you will first need to complete security guard training that follows the Ministry required curriculum. There are 3 steps to get your training completion number. Depending on how long you spend each day on the training, it will usually take 1-2 weeks to get a Training Completion Number. Our security guard training takes place online and allows you to login at anytime. Once you have completed the security guard training, you will receive your Training Completion Number directly from us. As a licenced security agency we issue the TCNs ourselves.

The Training Completion Number would be emailed to you. You do not have to visit an office in-person to receive it. We aim to issue all Training Completion Numbers within 24 hours after course completion.

Once you are ready to start working towards getting your security licence, sign up for our online security guard training on our website. You will be able to start the course right away. Ontario Security Hub is a Ministry licenced security agency and provides online security training that follows the Ministry required curriculum.

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