In Ontario, private security guards can only be armed in specific situations. You may have seen armed security picking up cash at ATMs, banks, subway stations and retail locations. Armed security guards may work at static locations such as jewelry stores and auctions. To become an armed security guard in Ontario you will need a Possession and Acquisition Licence. A PAL is required to use or possess a firearm in Canada. A firearms safety course is required to obtain that license. For details on the course visit this page and contact a training entity.

To carry a firearm while on duty as an armed security guard, you will also require an Authorization to Carry (ATC). This would be for: “the handling, transportation or protection of cash, negotiable instruments or other goods of substantial value, and firearms are required for the purpose of protecting his or her life or the lives of other individuals in the course of that handling, transportation or protection activity”. You will need to attach proof of training for the proficiency in use of a firearm and use of force. This training could be obtained through a security company that hires armed guards.

To obtain your security guard license in Ontario you will need to complete the online security guard training. Ontario Security Hub offers online security guard training that follows the Ministry’s curriculum. The training is more than just reading pages and pages of information. Start your online training by creating an account. Not all armed security positions require a security guard license. For example armored vehicle messengers and drivers may only require a ATC and PAL. Make sure to read the job posting and confirm with the employer. Please note Ontario Security Hub does not offer the ATC course or PAL course. For the firearms safety course see this page.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario. Please note we do not provide the course required to get your PAL

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in the mid 70’s I was a licensed security guard that carried a gun I took a 6 week course at Seneca Collage and was trained in basic law and shooting handguns and shotguns I worked at 4 different Consulates and transported money I was paid 4 times the amount of regular guards as I was trained and armed


Hi mike please can u give me information

Thank you so much for writing this article detailing the restricted circumstances under which armed private security guards are permitted in Ontario. At ATMs, banks, subway stops, and stores, armed security is a common sight. Static businesses like jewelry stores and auction houses may employ armed security guards. I appreciate everyone’s honesty. Excellent piece!