Depending on the training entity, the cost of the security guard course and the first aid and CPR can be anywhere from $150 to $300. Courses that are held in-person usually cost more. The cost of the security guard test is $39.55 and the licence $80. This makes the total cost to get your security licence anywhere from $270 to $420. According to the syllabus, in Ontario the training can be offered online.

Some providers have the required first aid and CPR included while others only have the security guard course. For those that offer first aid, make sure to check which cities they offer the first aid training. It may be limited to where their office is located. According to the WSIB there is currently no first aid provider approved for online only training. We offer Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED training in major cities across Ontario. See our home page for a list of locations.

Some training entities offer the security guard course cheaper than us. However, we provide video lessons, quizzes and reading materials. Other providers may have just pages and pages of information and leave it to you to go through it. We aim to issue all Training Completion Numbers within 24 hours of course completion as opposed to up to a week or sometimes much longer with other training entities. We also provide support live through chat and email. If needed, we can also call you directly. To see the full list of differences between Ontario Security Hub and other training entities visit this page.

If you are ready to enroll in our online security guard training create an account on our website. We believe you will learn something new. We will work with you from start to finish tog your security guard licence in Ontario.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario

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Prime Nkurunziza

How to get an equivalent securithy guard license in ontario

Leigh Simons

I’m moving to ontario from the uk, can I do the training online and obtain the security guard license before I get in to the province?


I wanted to apply to a job in security as i am relocating from corbeil On to Val Gagne On and applying for a job in Cochrane On. How can i get the training needed with cpr.