There are many security guard jobs available for those just starting out in the security industry. They usually fall into one of these categories:

  • Static positions where the focus is on observing and reporting
  • Event security where you check tickets, search bags and perform crowd control
  • Patrol only
  • Fire watch
The tunnel leading to an event stadium.

In these positions, you are usually supported by experienced security guards or a supervisor. For example, if you are checking bags at an event and find something that you are not sure should be allowed in, you would call over a security supervisor or paid duty police officer. In the security industry, there are a lot of former law enforcement such as retired police officers that are in management supporting front line guards. Fire watch guards patrol sites under construction that may be completely unoccupied. You would need to remain alert and notify the fire department if needed and possibly use the fire extinguisher for fires in the incipient stage.

When you first get your security guard licence you will usually not have any prior security experience. However, if you have any customer service experience even if it is in retail or fast food, that can still help. You most likely had an experience with a challenging customer and had to deescalate a situation. To learn more about what employers look for and the benefits of becoming a security guard, create an account and watch our free lesson here.

Make sure your resume is to the point. Try not to overload it with volunteer positions and jobs from when you were in high school for example. Make sure you clearly indicate that you have your Ontario security guard licence and First Aid and CPR certificate. Many individuals try to apply for security positions without their licence. You must have your security guard licence to work as a security guard so these individuals would not be considered. Keep in mind, timing also plays a part in getting hired. If a company is recently awarded a contract and needs to quickly fill spots, they may be more open to those with limited experience but demonstrate professionalism and strong communication skills. Keep applying for positions, you might be what the next client is looking for at their site.

Ontario Security Hub is a licenced security agency and provides online security guard training required to get your Training Completion Number and your security licence. You can start your online training by creating an account on our website. We do not hire guards ourselves. Once you receive your licence you can apply directly for any security company in Ontario.

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