To get your security guard license in Ontario there are 3 steps.

Ontario Security Guard Licence
Ontario Security Guard Licence
  1. Complete your security guard training that follows the Ministry required curriculum either online or in-class. We offer online training where students can login at anytime and there are no time limits in completing the course. You can start your online security guard training with us as we are a Ministry licenced security agency. You will also need to complete First Aid training through a WSIB approved provider such as the Red Cross. Only Emergency First Aid is required, which is 1 day compared to the 2 days of Standard First Aid. Once you complete the course and complete the First Aid you are issued a Training Completion Number (TCN).
  2. Using the Training Completion Number you were issued, you can now book the test with the Ministry. There are 60 Multiple Choice questions (MCQs). You have 75 minutes to complete the test. The pass rate is 62% and there are no limits on the number of attempts. The test is delivered at one of the Drive Test locations across Ontario, the same place where you complete your driving test.
  3. Once you pass your test, apply for your security guard license through Service Ontario. We recommend applying online for the quickest response. They will perform a criminal records check and you will declare any unpaid fines and parking tickets. Not all criminal records prevent you from getting your license, see the list of criminal offenses.

If you have further questions about the security guard training and licensing process, contact us on live chat or email us at [email protected]. If you are ready, you can start our online security guard training.

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Ann Cardinal

I am looking into getting a security licence online. Does your course provide the correct answers so I will know where I went wrong. I read some online courses don’t. Do I need a special operating system to do the course. Thank you.