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Here are 5 ways to make more money as a security guard in Ontario:

  • Work as a site supervisor or mobile security guard. Mobile security guards would require a valid driver’s license and patrol multiple sites. Security supervisors are responsible for other guards and are classified as NOC-B in Canada.
  • Work at sites with increased risk and may require guards to have a tactical vest, handcuffs and a baton
  • Work at sites that have higher expectations for professionalism and deportment such as a low profile security guard at a corporate site
  • Work as a security guard for last minute requests where a large amount of security guards are needed such as for a strike or labour dispute. Employers that hire for these security guard positions in Ontario include AFIMAC and CIS
  • Work for an employer that hires in-house security for example, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment or Canada’s Wonderland

To start making more money as a security guard you will first need to get your security guard license. Ontario Security Hub is a Ministry licenced security agency and offers online security guard training that is more than reading pages and pages of information. Start your online security guard training by making an account on our website.

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