Newcomers in Canada planning a successful career path
Embarking on a new life in Canada can pose significant challenges, one of the most challenging is finding a suitable career path. In this blog post, we delve into the journey of becoming a Licensed Security Guard for individuals who are new to Canada, shedding light on the prerequisites needed to pursue a rewarding profession in the field of security.

Have you recently arrived in Canada or in the process of becoming a new resident? Are you eager to kick-start your career in your new home country? These questions are common among newcomers, and we’re here to address your career concerns by providing valuable information on obtaining a Security Guard License. Moving to a different country can be challenging, especially if you lack certain skills required for qualified positions. Canada is known for its competitive job market, and one effective way to stand out is by enhancing your resume through training and certifications. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons for pursuing a career in security as a newcomer to Canada, focusing specifically on the Ontario Security Guard License Process.

Becoming a Security Guard may initially appear daunting, particularly if your home country has stricter training requirements for licensed security guards. Fortunately, in Canada, the process is less demanding in terms of physical presence. Most training programs, especially in Ontario, are conducted online, allowing you to complete them conveniently from your home or office. Ontario Security Hub and Alberta Security Hub offer online Security Guard Training that follows the Ministry required syllabus, which not only help you obtain your license but get you job ready. While the security guard course itself is online, many provinces still require security guards to undergo in-person first-aid training approved by organizations like the WSIB or St. John’s Ambulance. We work with multiple WSIB approved first aid trainers across Ontario that offers an Emergency First-Aid and CPR Program that can be completed both as blended or fully in-person. This setup is ideal for newcomers who are juggling various responsibilities in their new lives in Canada. The security guard course provided by Ontario Security Hub offers tremendous flexibility, allowing you to complete it from anywhere, whether on your phone or laptop. It’s important to note that the course is self-paced, with no set completion date, so you can take as much time as you need. We understand that our candidates lead busy lives and require ample time and support. By becoming a licensed security guard with Ontario Security Hub, you’ll enjoy the freedom and assistance you need to embark on a career in your new Canadian home.

Now that you’re aware of the initial process for becoming a Licensed Security Guard in Canada, you may wonder if pursuing a career in security is permissible as a newcomer to the country. Let’s delve into that topic.

Being a Security Guard in Canada offers a highly rewarding career, especially for newcomers. This profession provides unforgettable experiences, health benefits, and favorable working hours. However, these benefits come with certain requirements set by each province to pursue a career in the security field. So, what are these requirements? Below, we’ll highlight some key prerequisites for becoming a Licensed Security Guard in Ontario:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must be eligible to work in Canada.
  • Clean criminal record.
  • Complete the mandatory security training and pass the Ministry exam.
  • Complete a Guarantor Form with a valid Guarantor.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these requirements to help you better understand your eligibility to obtain a security guard license in Ontario, Canada. Being eligible to work in Canada means that as a newcomer, you need the appropriate permit or visa to receive your security guard license. This could be a Temporary Work Permit or even a Student Visa. So, if you’re coming to Ontario as a student, you can certainly pursue a career in the security field. If you’d like more information on visas and the application process in Canada, we recommend visiting the Government’s website for detailed guidance. Keep in mind you can not get a security licence on a temporary resident visa (TRV) or visitor visa and you must be here in Canada to start our course. Having a clean criminal record is essential to become a security guard in Ontario. The Ministry requires a 5-year criminal background check before issuing your license. Fortunately, not all offenses will disqualify you from pursuing a career in security. For more information on which offenses may restrict you from obtaining a security guard license, we suggest checking out our other blog post “Can I Get My Security License With a Criminal Record In Ontario?”.

Filling out a Guarantor Form may initially seem complex if you’ve never encountered the term “Guarantor” before. Essentially, a Guarantor is someone or an organization that vouches for your identity and verifies the legitimacy of your identification to the Ontario Ministry. The Guarantor Form will require two forms of identification and someone who has known you for at least two years and can be reached by telephone. As a newcomer, we recommend using your valid passport from your country of origin and a valid work permit as the two identification documents. If you don’t possess these documents, you can explore alternative identification options provided here. Finding a Guarantor whom you’ve known for two years may be challenging when you’re new to Canada. However, the Ministry offers multiple options to assist newcomers in securing a Guarantor. Some other eligible Guarantor options include a Licensed Security Guard, Dentist, Pharmacist, Lawyer, Physician, Teacher/Professor, or even your local Mayor. We understand that it can be difficult to find a Guarantor, so if you’re struggling in this regard, joining Ontario Security Hub’s Security Guard Course and we can act as your guarantor for your licence.

Ontario Security Hub is committed to supporting not only our Canadian candidates but also warmly welcoming international newcomers, providing them with genuine opportunities to start a career in their new home country of Canada.To sum it up, a career as a Security Guard is entirely viable for newcomers to Canada, especially in Ontario. Obtaining a Security Guard License as a newcomer is an excellent way to build your resume and embark on a fulfilling career in your new home country. As mentioned earlier, Ontario Security Hub is here to support you throughout your security guard journey, offering flexible online training and accessible customer service available seven days a week. Ontario Security Hub goes the extra mile by helping you complete your Guarantor Form, obtain your Training Completion Number, and prepare you for the Ministry Exam. We hope this blog post equips you with the knowledge you need to commence your career in the field of security. We look forward to seeing you thrive as a Licensed Security Guard! Start your online training today by making an account on our website if you are currently eligible to work in Canada.

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