Depending on the position at the airport, you may or may not need a security licence. For example, CATSA screening officers are Federally regulated and go through a separate training program and would not require a security licence. If you love being at the airport and working with passengers travelling to and from Canada and with other law enforcement agencies such as CBSA and the police, here are a list of airport security positions:

Screening Officers

Screening officers checking bags with x-ray machines
Screening officers checking bags with x-ray machines

They conduct pre-board screening for both passengers and crew. They also conduct screening of airport employees. They operate x-ray machines, full body scanners and walk through metal detectors to ensure prohibited items are not brought onboard flights and restricted areas. A security licence is not mandatory but security experience will help you become selected for the job. Customer service experience will be needed. Depending on the province, you can apply directly through one of the contract security companies listed here.

Security Guards in the Terminal and Restricted Areas

Uniformed security guards are placed throughout the airport terminal and in restricted areas. You may be placed at a fixed post to ensure once passengers leave an area they can not re-enter. Guards also patrol and respond to calls. Some guards are trained to work with K9 dogs. These positions will require a security licence.

Airport terminal in Canada
Airport terminal in Canada

Security Guards Curbside of the Terminal

Uniformed security guards keep traffic moving. They may also manage taxis and limos picking up passengers. They will be expected to be outdoors during all weather conditions. These positions will require a security licence.

Security Guards Airside at Gates or in Vehicles

If you are placed at a gate on the airfield you will ensure only service vehicles and those that should be on the airfield are provided access. For those operating on airport taxiways and runways, you will also need an Airside Vehicle Operating Permit (AVOP). You may need to communicate with Air Traffic Control. These airside security escort positions usually work with contractors and construction workers and make sure they stay within certain areas. These positions will require a security licence. You will need to obtain a security clearance and a Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) which is obtained through the airport authority. Once hired, the security company would assist you with that.

Get your Security Guard Licence

Other than screening officers, you will require your security licence to work at the airport. For those who wish to become a screening officer, getting your security licence and having security experience can help you get employment. To get your security licence, you will first need to complete the online security guard training. Ontario Security Hub is a Ministry licenced security agency and the training course includes video lessons, reading materials and quizzes that is more than just reading pages and pages of information. Start your online training and start working at the airport as a security guard.

Receive details on the security guard licencing process in Ontario

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