Checkpoint where security guards work at

Depending on the site you work at and who you ask, some people may tell you being a security guard is boring. At some sites, the guard’s presence alone is what deters criminal activity. Your shift is straight forward and involves observing and reporting. At other sites, you are continuously interacting with people including the client, contractors and the general public. You may even make arrests. These high profile sites typically pay more than being a security guard somewhere else. Some people love spending time on their own. During downtime such as during night shifts in between patrols, you may be able to read or do a crossword. As a student you may be able to study for upcoming tests as long as you remain alert and respond to situations. Keep in mind, client expectations vary and security managers may or may not be supportive of tasks unrelated to the job.

How can you keep engaged as a security guard?

For those looking to advance their career in security or law enforcement, there are other ways to make use of your downtime. There may be eLearning or online courses you can take offered by your employer, a private company, college or university. If you are new to the site you are working at, reading through the post or standing orders can help you become more familiar. Sites usually have detailed instructions for every situation you have to respond to including bomb threats, elevator entrapment, fires, floods and medicals. Lastly, at sites with multiple guards you will have your co-workers to talk with in between patrols and calls. You may even meet a new friend on shift.

Ultimately it is up to you to add meaning to your work. For some, the job may just be a paycheck at the end of the day. For others, it may be a chance to learn about a company or business, interact with people that are different from themselves and to try something new.

Get your security guard licence

If you are ready to begin working a security guard you must first complete the 40 hour course. We offer the course online and include video lessons, quizzes and real world scenarios beyond just reading pages and pages of information. Get started right away by creating an account on our website. Ontario Security Hub is a Ministry licenced security agency and offers online security guard training that follows the Ministry’s curriculum.

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