Customer service at a theatre

Yes, as a security guard you will need to respond to a variety of customers just like any other customer service position. However, you are more likely to encounter frustrated or aggressive customers as a security guard. If you have worked in customer service in retail or hospitality, for example, the skills learned will benefit you as a security guard. For example, active listening, paraphrasing, remaining calm under pressure and most importantly, addressing the customers needs.

As a security guard you enforce site rules which can include prohibited activities and access restrictions. This is where you are most likely to have resistance, especially from those that dislike authority. The site you work at determines who you will be dealing with. For example, at a mall, there is minimum access control. Anyone who has not been banned can enter. This can include anyone off the streets. If you work as a concierge at a condominium you will only deal with tenants, contractors and visitors of those tenants. There are still conflicts you have to deal with but it may not involve criminal activity found in a place that is more open to the public.

At larger and more complex sites, you will have a team of guards that can back you up. Other sites you are alone and you would need to call a mobile supervisor or the police for backup.

Being a security guard is definitely not for anyone. If you enjoy working with people, you are more likely to have a positive interaction with customers. On the other hand, there are security guard positions with limited interaction with others. For example, alarm response, fire watch and asset protection. Our online 40 hour course follows the Ministry curriculum and will cover the type of security guard positions and techniques for dealing with customers. The Ministry has a syllabus which includes an entire section dedicated to effective communications.

If you have customer service experience and interested in becoming a security guard, you can get started by going through our online security guard training course. Our course includes video lessons, quizzes and reading materials beyond just reading pages and pages of information. Get started right away by making an account on our website.

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