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Unlike police officers and other peace officers, there are no requirements to be physically fit in Canada to be a security guard. In Canada there are also no height or weight minimums to be a security guard. Unlike police officers, security guards will unlikely pursue suspects to have them in custody. At some high profile sites, security guards will perform arrests on their sites. But at the majority of sites, the security guard’s focus is to observe, deter, record and report. For example, a security guard working as concierge at a condo would notify the police if there is any criminal activity. Strong communication skills and self-confidence is more beneficial in resolving the majority of conflicts as a security guard.

Some security guard job postings may mention physical fitness requirements. This usually refers to basic fitness needed to remain alert for a 12 hour shift. At some sites, you may have to stand for up to 12 hours and sometimes outdoors in the heat or rain. At other sites, you are performing regular foot patrols which can include walking up and down multiple sets of stairs at an office tower. At a large mall or an industrial mine, you will be walking thousands of steps per day during your patrol. Each patrol can last a couple of hours. Positions that require a diploma in law and security or police foundations usually see physical fitness as an asset. Police foundations programs usually have a fitness component in their curriculum. Learn about what other education and experiences are beneficial to becoming a security guard.

Being physically fit can be an asset as a security guard. Your presence alone can deter potential criminals. If the client permits arrests on their site, your strength combined with techniques taught can help you quickly control a suspect. There are many people who have martial arts as a hobby prior to becoming a security guard. The skills taught in martial arts may benefit you for self defence. For security guards that have to carry a baton or handcuffs, the security company that hires you would provide additional use of force training which would include defensive and control tactics.

Physically fit female

Some security employers may also provide gym membership discounts to their employees to further encourage good physical fitness.

There are security guard positions for both individuals that are physically fit and those that are not. If you are ready to start getting licenced as a security guard, you will need to complete the mandatory online security guard training course. Ontario Security Hub is a Ministry licenced security agency and our training includes video lessons, quizzes and reading beyond just pages and pages of information. Start your online training right away by making an account on our website.

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