Other than the 40 hour security guard training there are no other education requirements to become a security guard in Ontario. Here are the mandatory requirements according to the Ministry. It includes being at least 18 years old. Employers may add additional requirements for individual job postings. This is more common for in-house security or high profile sites. In-house security is when you work directly for an employer instead of through a contract security guard company. High profile sites have tactical guards with a uniform that may include a stab proof vest, a baton and handcuffs. These positions would pay higher than other guard positions.

College students graduating

What Education can help you get hired as a Security Guard?

A college diploma in law and security or police foundations is usually considered as an asset. Degrees that may provide an advantage for you in getting hired include: Social Work, Criminology, Psychology and Sociology.

What Experiences can give you an advantage in getting hired as a Security Guard?

Those who have been in the military or police force, even if outside Canada have an advantage in getting hired. Customer service experience is also valued especially if you have had to deal with challenging customers. This could be in a retail store, restaurant or other venues that serve the public.

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